Elementary School Chess Tournament in Utah

The annual state elementary chess championship tournament was held on Saturday, March 12, 2016, at the University of Utah. Hundreds of children played in this USCF-rated chess competition, from kindergarten through sixth grade. At least 68 second-graders participated, and the following shows the final-round pairings for second grade students, with points shown from results of the first five rounds.

Jerry Zheng (5.0) versus Kazim Ali (5.0)

Jacob Rawle (4.5) versus Ethan Almond (4.0)

Madeline Roach (4.0) vs J Bartholemew (4.0)

Juntian Deng (4.0) versus Willie Carter (4.0)

Julius Lilley (4.0) vs Paul Stach (4.0)

Annie Li (3.5) versus Gabr Balzotti (3.5)

Ashton Cook (3.5) vs Jesse Stay (3.5)

Thomas Wilson (3.5) vs Michael Brinton (3.0)

Adam Bradshaw (3.0) vs Mabel Crouse (3.0)

Sophia Arlen (3.0) versus Leo Mauszycki (3.0)

Richard Pan (3.0) versus River Jenkins (3.0)

Bryce Holland (3.0) vs Jarom Smith (3.0)

George Liu (3.0) vs Soren Hoechst (3.0)

Camille Worley (3.0) vs Rober [Robert?] McAdams (3.0)

Ga Christensen (3.0) vs Rainie Porter (3.0)

Ian Lee (2.5) versus Ann MacDonald (3.0)

William Wadley (2.5) vs Carlos Nuno (2.5)

Asher Loewen (2.5) vs Carter Bolz (2.5)

J Arulanandam (2.0) versus Tomo Sato (2.0)

Ayan Menon (2.0) vs Matt Nelson (2.0)

Willia [William?] Durtschi (2.0) vs Talon Tew (2.0)

Silas Grover (2.0) versus Aleja Oyarzun (2.0)

Carso [Carson?] Bingham (2.0) vs Julia Choi (2.0)

Bhattacharyya (2.0) vs Benaya Zamir (2.0)

Marshall Huber (2.0) versus Daegan Gold (2.0)

Brody Gunnell (2.0) vs Willia [William?] Nesbitt (2.0)

Taylo [Taylor?] Gritton (2.0) vs Elisha Smith (2.0)

Craig Larson (2.0) versus Levi Graehi (2.0)

Oscar Pace (1.5) vs Br Cohen-rider (1.5)

Aiden Fuentes (1.5) vs Jason Guo (1.5)

Daniel Johnson (1.0) versus Owe [Owen?] McDermott (0.5)

Brighto [Brighton?] Bourne vs (1.0) vs Meaga [Meagan?] Babcock (1.0)

Jacob Wilson (1.0) vs Ella Auvinen (1.0)

Zac Westerman (1.0) versus Andrew Lee (1.0)


pre-tournament relaxation

Relaxing before the start of the elementary school chess tournament


informal game after the formal competition

Informal family chess game after the end of the tournament



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Hundreds of children showed up at the Union building at the University of Utah, on Saturday, March 12, 2016, ready to play chess.

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